Thursday, 1 October 2015

F is for FahionTap or How to Be Successful Fashion Blogger

« … It’s crazy, how popular fashion bloggers are nowadays. They are an organic way to market any brand and a new way to market a brand to targeted audiences. If you get a Chiara Ferragni [fashion blogger from The Blonde Salad – ed.] wearing your newest sunglasses line, I can guarantee she will drive sales, because almost everyone, who follows her, follows her for fashion inspiration and to buy stuff. I asked a huge CEO/founder of a big denim line and he said he only works with bloggers no one else - that means no magazines, no celebrities. Isn't it cool, huh? Clearly, people are more turned towards real girls bloggers and influencers styling outfits. You can also relate to these girls more and really see ways you can style an outfit. The greatest thing about blogging is that you only really need camera, clicker and tripod, Photoshop and computer with Internet access. By the way, sometimes you can go out and buy stuff, shoot it, then return it. Shhh I didn't say that. Anyways, such a passion for fashion blogging can be turn into a real job by affiliating links and using FashionTap, because FashionTap has built in affiliate links so you can monetize your looks way easier. Here’s a simple example: one blogger with 500k followers on Instagram brings people to her blog to click on her affiliate links and she makes over 960k a year on affiliates alone. This means she posts an entire blog with photos and 3-7 affiliate links below those images. This is very spread out if she targeted her audience towards her FashionTap profile she can make triple what she makes now. Basically, FashionTap is a fashion social networking app that allows you to directly tag your clothing and beauty products to your images and when people click to buy what you have tagged you get paid even when they don't even make a purchase. FashionTap is also a database where everyone in fashion can be found by category and location. There is a huge void in fashion social networks and no where to locate people in the fashion industry by location. How do I find plus size models and bloggers in Austin TX? You can’t. How do I find men bloggers and pregnant bloggers and handbag designers in the LA area? You can’t. Bloggers and influencers are the newest and best way to market your brands so designers are eager to get their designs into their hands and out their to the world. The conversion rate for a brand making a sale via a blogger is way higher than a conversion rate for a magazine ad or celebrity wearing your brand. But of course, first of all you have to get noticeable and, you know, popular. The main keys to success are persistence and focus. Really focus on what you want and obsess over it. Don't try to take on too many things. Over the past 2.5 years I've focused on my blog and blogging. Over the past year I've focused 100% on my app FashionTap, making it the best app it can possibly be. I really wanted to make FashionTap your one stop shop for all your fashion needs, not only can you easily shop off images but I want everyone to use this as a tool to find anyone they need in fashion. I want to connect the entire fashion industry together on one social platform. Everyone needs this to be found! Indie brands and amazing bloggers are being lost in the shuffle and not found on Instagram. Instagram is an everyone's network and if you #fashion you see dogs, food, etc. I want to make this a place where you can come and see fashion always and be able to find the best of the best people in fashion. All in all, my biggest inspiration therefore in life is Jen Bricker. She was born with no legs and said she wanted to win the Olympics and she did. Nothing could stop her and she had a dream and a focus. This is so inspiring to me, go out and do what you love and dream big and focus …» - Amy Roiland, founder and CEO of FashionTap

Amy Roiland herself

P.S. Join this amazing app! Follow Amy and me (sasharaduntceva). All photos are taken from FashionTap app. 

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Good for You ☽

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Continuing the alco-theme (1st part here)

1) Tequila
It's such, you know, a collective image. Each of us has a sort of drink that a body refuses to accept, even in smallest amounts. Exactly this kind of relationship I have with tequila. As I was very young, I’ve tried honestly to change something - bravely drank it, either pure, or in cocktails, hoping and believing for the best. But we all understand that this is, after all, quite useless. Unfortunately. So now I’ve avoided tequila as well as such men.

A male-whiskey is a man, who knows a lot about parties. He understands that the whiskey and cola is a best option: a) enough alcohol to avoid being branded as a weakling among bros; b) it’s not too much alcohol to get drunk and make a mess; c) cheap enough; g) it’s not too cheap to seem in ladies’ eyes as a rogue. And everything could’ve been fine, but next morning you may find out that it was the most ordinary male-beer in the day of receipt of salary.

3) Port Wine

Do you remember, how Ernest Hemingway looks like? So, he is a typical male-port wine. He is an artist in the most general sense of the word, a sublime philosopher, a strong, romantic in his own way and not too stable, in some way, even boring man. A big advantage is that you can become his muse, even for a day, and if you're lucky enough – for a lifetime.

4) Baileys

These men are super fine: they look good, smell good, and can talk easily about fashion and arts. 
The only thing that you should clarify: whether he’s interested in women in principle.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Illuminated ☽

You know what? We don't have summer in Moscow. Like, at all. But the thing is that I love it. I mean, I love that the weather is quite chilly, because 1. I hate heat; 2. you can layer the clothing pieces. And c'mon, that's what makes your outfit look great. The other day I've received the most amazing stuff from New Dress, where now is happening something crazy - sale. I know that sales are everywhere in July, but... honestly, where have you seen the dresses for 0,01$?! So, off with ramblering - go and check the website and I will show you what I've personally chosen. 

So, first of all my favorite - this swimsuite (<- click here to purchase it, you have 10 more options of print). Yeah, I mean, look at it - it's perfect! I love to wear it for the beach as well as in the city, so I've balanced it out with mom jeans from Zara, vintage sneakers by Skechers and beautiful gray kimono. The material of the swimsuit is soooo good, love it!

Next three pieces I'll show you now, because I can't wait, but the full looks're coming later this week.

This skirt ( Just perfection. Like, I don't have words to describe, how deeply I'm please with it. Amazing, white, looks cool with pretty much anything. Love-love-love. I'm thinking of getting one more in black color - that would be a nice option for autumn.

You all know (I think) that all this type of boho jumpsuits are on top now - every fashionista has one and now I do as well. I have already a perfect combo for it in my mind - be patient, you'll see it this week! Get one for yourself here ->
And to the right from a jumpsuit is the legendary dress for 1 cent. Isn't it perfect for a beach? And for the city I'd mix it up with colorful sport bra and leather leggins. I'll leave you with your astonishment, but here is a link to it ->

Basically New Dress is super huge online-store, so hopefully everybody'd find something special for him! Have a nice day and of course shopping.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Adriaen Coorte †

«Five Shells on a Slab of Stone» (1696)

As we're in the middle of the week, here's a new portion of Golden Age vibe for you. Now it's all about the Dutch Adriaen Coorte, dark sensuality and minimalism.

«Still life with wild strawberries» (1705)